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«После новостей»: сотрудник Центра ГО и ЧС Красноярского края об итогах летнего сезона
«Вопросы доктору»: что такое тиреотропный гормон
В Центре ГО и ЧС провели экскурсию для 10-летней красноярки
Красноярские университеты столкнулись с недобором абитуриентов

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TVK is a team of professionals. TVK Channel 6 is a Krasnoyarsk independent television company. It was founded on May 7, 1994. The history of the channel dates back to May 7, 1994. That was when TVK was broadcasted for the first time. But that was afterwards, but first the long preparations were underway. We were the first to report on emergencies in the region, be it an earthquake or a major fire. We analyze the events and make thoughtful, informative reports. Every day we receive hundreds of text messages and put dozens of calls on the air.
TVK is one of the few independent regional TV companies left in Russia. Our editorial office publishes different points of view on the events in Krasnoyarsk krai and the country - whether the authorities like it or not.
Over the last few years the existence of independent media in Russia looks more like a struggle for survival and for the right to speak freely. This is not an easy task. I have the impression that the authorities are making a deliberate effort to ensure that there are no free media outlets in our country.
TVK is not financed by the government, unlike most Russian TV stations. We need the support of those who believe in us - our subscribers and viewers. If you believe that the existence of independent media in the Krasnoyarsk region and Russia is important - support TVK.

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