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Televisión Melilla

Televisión Melilla Live Stream

Melilla Television brings you the best live programming in town. Enjoy your favorite shows and local events from the comfort of your home. Plus, with our service you can watch TV online for free, at no additional cost. Don't miss a single moment of entertainment with Televisión Melilla!
Televisión Melilla - The public voice of Melilla.

Televisión Melilla is a free-to-air Spanish television channel that has become the main source of information and entertainment for the inhabitants of the Autonomous City of Melilla. Since its launch in 1994, this public broadcaster has played a key role in disseminating the culture, history and news of this North African region.

This channel, operated by the public company RTV Melilla, owned by the Autonomous City of Melilla, has managed to consolidate itself as a reference in local television. Thanks to its varied and quality programming, Televisión Melilla has managed to capture the attention of the people of Melilla and has become a window to the world and an essential means of communication in the daily life of the city.

One of the main characteristics of Televisión Melilla is its commitment to truthful and objective information. With a team of highly qualified professionals, the channel strives to offer its viewers up-to-date and quality news. The news programs, reports and interviews address the most relevant issues of local, national and international current affairs, and allow Melilla residents to keep abreast of everything that is happening in their city and in the world.

But Televisión Melilla is not only limited to information. The station also offers a wide range of entertainment, culture and sports programs that seek to satisfy the tastes of all its viewers. From cooking and fashion programs to contests and sports broadcasts, Televisión Melilla adapts to the public's preferences and offers varied and enriching content.

In addition, the station also plays a key role in promoting Melilla's culture and heritage. Through programs dedicated to the history, tradition and customs of the city, Televisión Melilla becomes a vehicle for preserving and disseminating the cultural legacy of this unique region.

In short, Televisión Melilla is much more than a television channel. It is an open window to the world, a source of truthful and objective information, and a means of communication that seeks to entertain, educate and bring Melilla residents together. Since its launch in 1994, this channel has witnessed the evolution and development of Melilla, and has contributed significantly to the construction of a strong and proud identity in the city.

In an increasingly globalized world, Televisión Melilla has become a symbol of Melilla's diversity and cultural richness. Through its programs and content, this channel represents the public voice of the city and has earned the respect and trust of its viewers.

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