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Watch television online with RTV Noord - the regional TV channel for the Northern Netherlands. Enjoy a free live TV stream and stay up to date with the latest news, sports and entertainment from the region.

RTV Noord is a familiar face in the province of Groningen. For years, the television and radio station has been the most reliable source of information for the residents of this region. Like the iconic Martinitoren, the Peerd van Ome Loeks and the music of Ede Staal, RTV Noord is an integral part of Groningen's culture.

One of RTV Noord's main goals is to keep Groningers informed of current and relevant developments. Whether it is local news, sports, culture or politics, RTV Noord is always ready to bring the latest news. Through various programs, news broadcasts and reports, the Groningen community is informed about what is going on in their province.

In addition to traditional broadcasts on television and radio, RTV Noord has also adapted to modern times. Watching television online is immensely popular these days, and RTV Noord has jumped on board. With a live TV stream, viewers can now also watch their favorite programs for free over the Internet. This has increased its reach and made the channel even more accessible to a wider audience.

RTV Noord's main characteristic is the strong connection it creates between Groningers. The station acts as a common platform where residents can meet, share opinions and feel involved in what is happening in their immediate area. RTV Noord is not only a source of information, but also a connecting factor within the province of Groningen.

Besides bringing news and information, RTV Noord also pays a lot of attention to Groningen's culture. Special programs and reports highlight Groningen's rich history and cultural heritage. This contributes to the preservation and appreciation of the province's unique identity.

RTV Noord is an indispensable medium for Groningers. With a strong focus on news and culture, the television and radio station is an important pillar within the province. Thanks to the ability to watch television online and the free live TV stream, RTV Noord is always within reach for anyone interested in the latest news from Groningen. The importance of this regional channel cannot be stressed enough, as it plays a crucial role in connecting the Groningen community and preserving the province's individuality.

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