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Canal 4
Country:  Uruguay
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Canal 4 Live Stream

Private channel from Montevideo. Programming, news service and sales department.
Canal 4 (formerly known as Monte Carlo TV) is an Uruguayan free-to-air television channel broadcasting from the town of La Aguada. Its programming is generalist, for all audiences.
It began broadcasting on April 23, 1961, being the second oldest channel in the country, and the eighth in Latin America. It is owned by Grupo Monte Carlo, formerly Grupo Romay - Salvo.
Since 2020 it has an international signal, Canal 4 Internacional, available in pay operators in the region, and also via streaming.
Since 1968, Telenoche has been the channel's news program. It currently has three broadcasts throughout the day:
Teledía Primera Hora: A morning edition hosted by Viviana Aguerre and Nicolás Núñez. It is broadcasted from Monday to Friday at 6:55 am.
Teledía: Newscast hosted by Yisela Moreira and Roberto Hernández, from 12:30 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays it is hosted by Leonardo Pedrouza, and on Sundays by Mariela Martínez.
Telenoche: Hosted by Daniel Castro and a great team of journalists. It was previously hosted by Fernando Vilar. This edition is broadcasted from Monday to Friday, minutes before 7 pm.
Telenoche Sábado: Hosted by Nicolás Núñez.
Telenoche Domingo: Hosted by Yisela Moreira and Emilio Izaguirre.

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