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"Palitra TV" (პალიტრა TV) with a changed name and format went on the air on November 30, 2015 as "Palitranius" - news television and offered viewers an innovative air and network for Georgian reality.

News TV "Palitranius" broadcasts both within Georgia and outside it. The coverage area is the whole of Georgia. Broadcasting is carried out both by means of cable televisions, as well as by digital and satellite broadcasting. By means of satellite broadcasting, the signal of "Palitranius" spreads throughout Europe and Central Asia. Also, it is possible to watch the live broadcast of "Palitranews" from all over the world through the Internet on the pages -

"PalitraNews" allows the viewer to get new and comprehensive information in a short time at any part of the day. Broadcasting is 24 hours a day, and information is updated every hour about Georgian and foreign political processes, economy, business, culture, sports and other events. "Palitranius" offers viewers a variety of informative columns and talk shows of short duration. "Palitranius" is for those for whom time is important.

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