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Elsharq TV
Country:  Egypt
Category: News
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لأول مرة صدام عنيف بين #أحمدموسي و#معتزعبد الفتاح علي الهواء بسبب الدولار !
وقف شهادات الادخار بعائد ال 25 % ..... أحمد عطوان : الإقتصاد المصرى يحتضر
السيسي بيتفسح ومش على باله إنهيار البلد .... إعرف التفاصيل مع أحمد سميح
شركة صفوان ثابت ترفع أسهم البورصة... ومجازر اللحوم تغلق أبوابها

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Al-Sharq TV is an Egyptian satellite channel, which was launched on April 25, 2014 AD, and broadcasts on Nilesat and other satellites from outside Egypt. The channel started with the slogan “Truth and Hope” and its board of directors was chaired by Bassem Khafaji, President of the National Political Academy, then its ownership was transferred in August of 2015 AD to Ayman Nour, leader of the Al-Ghad Party, and the presidential candidate in Egypt in 2005 AD. . And against Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi's rule of Egypt.

An Egyptian Arabic news channel that represents the civilized face of Egypt to the world. A channel looking for honest news and objective analysis.
- One day, an English channel will come out of Egypt to address the world, and a French channel and others, but we start with Egypt.
- Let us, we, the majority movement in Egypt, have our own channels that express our dreams.

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