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Alresalah TV
Country:  Egypt
Category: Religious
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#سهرة_الرسالة|سهرة شعرية مع الشعراء شداد المطيري وعلي الريض وعبدالله السلمي بضيافة د.عبدالعزيز الزير
#يستفتونك| هل سقوط الذباب على الطعام يصيبه بنجاسة؟ وحكم من كره غمسه؟- الشيخ د. عبدالرحمن السند
#سهرة_الرسالة | «يالعبد صلي الفرض»قصيدة في ضرورة القناعة وتوديع الهم مع الشاعر شداد المطيري
#سهرة_الرسالة | «ألقاك ما بين التوحد والزحام» قصيدة الشاعر علي الريض

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Al-Resalah (قناة الرسالة) is an Arabic language satellite television channel "to present true Islam".
Al-Risala TV is a purposeful, moderate Islamic satellite channel affiliated with the Rotana Network Group. Founded in 2006, as a gesture by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the channel works to strengthen Islamic and human values and to bring together the Arab family on its screen by providing educational programs that aim and diversify the social, developmental, legal and entertainment aspects that the Arab family needs in a calm manner and a balanced proposal that does not work on incitement and adheres to professional principles in its field. An integrated harmonious institutional media framework.

A satellite channel that presents distinguished Islamic media with creative ideas and innovative programs of high quality in accordance with international standards and specifications.”

Contribute to the positive impact on the thought of the Arab nation, preserve the moderation of its youth away from extremism or negligence, and contribute to improving their behavior, motivating and supporting them to carry the torch of renaissance and development.

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