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Óčko Expres

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"The TV channel "Óčko Expres" is an innovative and modern station that offers its viewers live broadcasts from various areas of entertainment. No matter where you are, thanks to "Óčko Expres" you can always be in touch with the latest music news, entertainment shows and the latest trends.

Thanks to the possibility to watch TV online for free, "Óčko Expres" is available to everyone without any restrictions. Regardless of whether you are at home, at work or on the road, you can connect at any time and enjoy the quality TV content that this channel offers.

Óčko Expres" is not only a TV channel, but also a community of people who have one thing in common - a love for quality music and entertainment. Thanks to live broadcasting you have the opportunity to be part of this community and share your experiences with other fans.

Entertainment on "Óčko Expres" is versatile and diverse. You can enjoy the latest music videos, exclusive interviews with artists, concert footage and much more. Moreover, thanks to the live broadcast, you don't have to worry about missing anything, as all events are broadcast in real time.

No matter if you are a fan of pop, rock, hip-hop or electronic music, "Óčko Expres" has something for everyone. With its varied programme, it tries to appeal to a wide audience base and offer everyone what they are interested in and enjoy.

So don't hesitate to join "Óčko Expres" to experience an endless supply of fun, music and entertaining programmes. Watching TV online for free has never been so easy and accessible for everyone. Just turn on your computer or mobile device and be ready for an unforgettable experience."
"Óčko Expres is a Czech music television station that began broadcasting on 15 August 2013. Since then, it has become a popular choice for lovers of modern music. Óčko Expres is part of the Mafra group and is the third channel of TV Óčko.

Mafra, the company that owns TV Óčko, has decided to expand its offer with a third channel. Two options have been offered: Óčko 3 and Óčko Expres. In the end, Óčko Expres was chosen and the launch of the channel took place in August 2013.

Óčko Expres focuses its broadcasts on modern music. Its programming includes the latest hits from the Czech and international music scene. On the channel you can find various music genres such as pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic music and much more.

The Óčko Expres TV channel is available via internet, cable TV, IPTV and satellite. This means that viewers have the opportunity to watch their favorite music videos anytime and anywhere. Óčko Expres strives to offer the widest possible range of viewing options.

Drama Óčko Expres is provided by Prague Expresradio, which is also part of the Mafra group. It is a music show that focuses on the latest hits and news from the music world. Viewers can expect live performances, interviews with music stars and much more.

The Óčko Expres TV channel is available on IPTV and cable companies. In terrestrial broadcasting it is possible to catch the channel on regional network 8 and regional network 12. This means that viewers in different regions of the Czech Republic can easily tune into Óčko Expres and enjoy their favourite music.

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