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Elektrika.TV is an innovative TV channel that focuses on live broadcasting of various programmes and events. This channel allows you to watch TV online for free.
Elektrika TV is a TV channel that aims to become the largest multimedia source of information in the field of industrial and installation technologies. It specializes in a narrow group of fans interested in electrical engineering and related topics. The name of the channel already indicates that the main focus is on programmes and reports in this field.

The main aim of Elektrika TV is to bring interesting programs and reports that have several functions. The first is to expand knowledge and promote education in the field of electrical engineering. The channel seeks to provide viewers with new information, technical news and trends in the industry. Through various formats such as documentaries, interviews with experts and video tutorials, viewers can gain deeper insight into electrical engineering and its applications in various industrial and installation fields.

Another function of the channel is, of course, entertainment. Elektrika TV strives to make its programmes and reports accessible and interesting for viewers. This means that they do not limit themselves to dry facts, but try to present them in a way that appeals to a wider audience. They present a variety of interesting projects, technical innovations and stories of people who are involved in and enjoy electrical engineering.

Elektrika TV recognises that electrical engineering and industrial and installation technologies are not for everyone. However, the channel's aim is not to attract all viewers, but rather to target those who have a genuine interest in these topics. This is because they believe that these are the people who will appreciate their content and return to the channel regularly.

Elektrika TV strives to be the largest multimedia source of information in the field of industrial and installation technologies.

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