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USAC TV is the official TV channel of Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. Watch live and free USAC TV programming on the internet, don't miss any program! Watch TV online for free and enjoy the best programming of USAC TV.
The Television Channel of the University of San Carlos (TV USAC) seeks to strengthen the institution as a television medium for the production and dissemination of educational, cultural, scientific, training, guidance and informative content. The objective is to contribute effectively to the fundamental purposes of teaching, extension and research.

TV USAC has become a means of communication that allows the university to reach a wide audience, both nationally and internationally. It offers quality, educational and entertaining content that allows viewers to learn more about the university and its activities.

The channel offers live programs, so that viewers can follow the university's events and activities in real time. In addition, it offers the possibility of watching television over the Internet for free, allowing users to access content from anywhere.

TV USAC is a modern and up-to-date television channel, which has become a key communication tool for the university. It is aimed at broadcasting quality content that allows viewers to learn more about the university and its activities, as well as promoting values, principles and university culture.

Finally, the channel seeks to contribute to the development of the university and the formation of society, through a varied and quality programming. The educational, cultural, scientific, formative, orienting and informative content it offers allows viewers to get to know and better understand the university, its activities and its culture.

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