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NTV-Style Live Stream

NTV-Style is a popular TV channel offering live broadcasting and the opportunity to watch TV online. Enjoy quality content and interesting programs right on your screen!
A 24-hour lifestyle channel: enjoy the best NTV programs at any time.

In our modern times, television plays a huge role in our lives. It is not only a source of entertainment, but also an information platform where we can learn about the latest happenings in the world, get useful tips and ideas for our lifestyle. One such TV channel is the 24/7 Lifestyle Channel.

This channel broadcasts the best NTV programs dedicated to various aspects of our lives. Here you will find programs about travel, design, repair and home improvement, cooking and gastronomic shows, as well as programs about consumer and cosmetic topics. If you are interested in healthy lifestyle or psychology, this channel also gives you the opportunity to learn more about these topics.

The live streaming of these programs allows you to watch television online at your convenience. You can enjoy your favorite shows and get useful tips without being tied to specific hours of TV programs.

Among the popular programs on this channel can be noted "Housing Question", where experts help people solve their housing problems, "Dachny Answer", where you can get useful advice on the arrangement of the dacha or country house, and "Let's go eat!", where you will be presented with the most interesting and delicious recipes.

If you are interested in sports and physical activity, you will like the program "Your Fighting Spirit", where you can learn about the most popular sports and get useful tips on training.

Women will find much of interest in the program "Women's View", where various aspects of women's life will be considered, from fashion and beauty to relationships and family life.

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