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Watch live TV channel 'NTV Pravo' online and stay up to date with current events in the world of law. Get access to quality legal programs, interviews with experts and discussions of the most important legal issues.
The 24-hour documentary and cognitive channel of judicial and legal topics is one of the most popular and unique projects in the field of television broadcasting. Here are collected the most exciting programs devoted to legal topics, which allow viewers to plunge into the world of trials and investigations.

One of the features of this channel is the live broadcast of court shows, which allow viewers to watch what is happening in court. Thanks to this, everyone can watch TV online and be aware of the most relevant events from the world of justice. Programs such as "Trial by Jury", "Before the Court", "Prosecutor's Check", "Judicial Detective" and others, tell about the most dramatic moments in the lives of real characters. Viewers can watch the process of sentencing, as well as learn about how investigations and trials take place.

However, the channel offers not only court shows and investigations, but also documentary series that allow you to immerse yourself in the world of justice and learn about its peculiarities. Thanks to such programs, viewers can get information about how the judicial system works, how investigations take place and how court decisions are made.

In addition, the TV channel offers analytical and journalistic programs that provide a deeper understanding of the legal sphere and problems related to the judicial system. Such programs help viewers to understand complex legal issues and get professional comments from experts in the field.

The channel began broadcasting in 2016, and since then it has gained immense popularity among viewers. Thanks to its unique concept and exciting programs, the channel stands out from all the projects of the NTV Pravo lineup.

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