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Pano Soko: Njerëzit nuk po braktisin Shqipërinë për arsye ekonomike
Mehmeti: Iku koha e Enverit kur na thuhej se “edhe në majë të gurit mësohet”
Sociologu ngre alarmin: Shoqëria shqiptare po “thinjet”
Mehmeti: Të jesh i shkolluar në Shqipëri, problem i madh. 8 Dhjetori, si 14 Shkurti

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A2 is a 24/7 news TV channel. The news channel was founded in 2018. The headquarter is based in Tirana. The new TV station, A2, aims to increase the standards of production and distribution of news, to change the media reality in Albania, providing a quick, deep, accurate and reliable source of information.
The new television station, A2, aims to increase the standards of news production and distribution, to change the media reality in Albania, offering a fast, in-depth, accurate and reliable source of information. A2, will use the most modern technology in the field of media and will be based on CNN's worldwide expertise in the training and development of professional staff. As an exclusive branch of CNN, A2 will complement its original programming with the inclusion of selected CNN programs and news translated into Albanian.

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