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В Китае выпустили марки с реликвиями Шёлкового пути
Восстановление экономики, зимний «Шёлковый путь», смотр флота и непослушная панда – (403)
В память о лидере, судебная защита природы, «зелёная» дорога – смотрите «Китайскую панораму» - (404)
На чемпионате мира по футболу появился «Дом панд»

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Big Asia Live Stream

TV channel "Big Asia" is a media platform, created with the active participation of the Business Cooperation Council with India, for the development of the Russian-Asian political vector as a new diplomatic reality of the state. The work of these new media conceptually coincides with the foreign policy of the country's leadership, which in recent years has increasingly spoken of the need for Russia to turn east in Asia.
The channel broadcasts news programs, interviews with well-known political figures from Asian countries and others who communicate with Asian countries.
There are documentaries and reports about life in Asia. The channel regularly broadcasts sporting events and holidays.
The Big Asia” TV channel and the Bigasia website are media platforms created to develop the Russian-Asian political vector as a new state-diplomatic reality.
Main goals:
1. Sensitization of people and the Russian economy to the history, culture, traditions and modernity of Asian countries.
2. Creation of sustainable ties between Russia and Asian countries.
3. Advertising products of leading brands of Asian countries on the Russian market.

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