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Most Russian TV channels are monotonous with a lot of comedy series and movies, keeping up with the times. But there are unique channels that you can watch with interest on a day off and take a break from everyday worries and fuss or, on the contrary, cheer up by watching news broadcasts. For example, Rasha Tudey online.

Rasha Today in Russian online

Russia Today is an international news channel. The Rasha Tudey channel broadcasts news and discussion of political events online. russia today you can watch live online at any time - the broadcasting is taking place 24 hours a day.
For the first time, the Russian-language version of the channel came out on December 10, 2005. The founder was the Government of the Russian Federation. The main purpose was:
-to inform foreign countries about what is happening in Russia;
-To present the position of the country in the discussion of international politics.
Initially, the channel was created on Russian television with the purpose - to introduce an independent point of view and focus on objective information.

russia Today

In the morning, viewers of russia today will be treated to the latest news in the "Main News" program. Next, an explosive discussion program "Cross Talk" will be shown, where the host will ask uncomfortable and provocative questions to his guests, the answer to which will be hard to escape. In the evening the audience will see an equally interesting "Documentary" show, which will confirm or dispel myths, disclose patterns and unmask stereotypes. The program will not leave anyone indifferent - today the backstage life of big cities will be exposed and the mysteries of the animal world will be solved.
On weekends, viewers can watch the live broadcast of Channel 5 online for free and relax to the humorous program "Edited Tonight," where comedians will show the events of the past days in a humorous way.

RTD live online

The RTD channel was created when President Mikhail Medvedev ruled the country. He was personally involved in funding Russia Today online and launching it on June 23, 2011. The main purpose of the tv channel is to acquaint the viewer with the history and culture of different countries.
Watch the latest news on our site right now live without registration.

RT - Russia Today Watch Live Streaming now online

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