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Banten TV is a TV channel that provides live streaming TV and allows you to watch TV online easily. Watch various interesting programs and the latest news only on Banten TV. Enjoy a practical and flexible TV viewing experience through Banten TV's live streaming and online TV viewing services.
Banten TV (formerly Baraya TV and Banten Raya TV) is one of the networked local terrestrial private television channels originating from Serang, Banten, Indonesia. The TV station is owned by Radar Banten, which is part of the Jawa Pos Group that also owns JTV. Banten TV operates on Channel 50 UHF with the motto Banten's Pride TV and covers all areas of Banten province.

This TV channel has its head office located at Graha Pena Radar Banten Building, which is located at Jl. Col. Tb. Suwandi (South Ring) Lontar Baru, Serang, Banten. Banten TV aims to provide quality and relevant local television content for the people of Banten.

One of the interesting features offered by Banten TV is the live streaming TV service that allows viewers to watch live broadcasts via the internet. With this feature, viewers can easily access this TV channel through electronic devices connected to the internet, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. This live streaming TV service gives viewers the flexibility to watch their favorite shows anytime and anywhere.

In addition, Banten TV also provides an online TV viewing service that allows viewers to watch television programs through a digital platform. With this service, viewers can choose the program they want to watch and enjoy it with good picture and sound quality. This online TV viewing service provides convenience for viewers who do not have access to conventional television or who prefer to watch through electronic devices.

Banten TV's TV channels have various types of interesting and varied programs, ranging from local news, entertainment, sports, cultural events, to religious programs. These contents are designed to inform, entertain and educate viewers. With this TV channel, the people of Banten can feel the pride of having a local TV channel that presents quality content.

With the live streaming TV feature and online TV viewing service, Banten TV provides easy access and flexibility to viewers to enjoy their favorite television programs. Viewers can watch this TV channel anytime and anywhere according to their wishes. This is a technological development that brings great benefits to the community in accessing television content more easily and practically.

With a commitment to provide quality and relevant local television content, Banten TV continues to strive to be the leading TV channel in Banten. With the live streaming TV feature and online TV viewing service, this TV channel further enhances the quality of its content.

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