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9 Wave - your live broadcast in the world of television! Watch TV online on our channel and enjoy a variety of programs, news and entertainment presented in high quality.
Music and entertainment TV channel "9 wave" is a unique representative of the television industry. It broadcasts clips and music programs that reflect the resort and "southern" atmosphere. However, its peculiarity lies not only in this.

"9 Wave" is the first pan-Caucasian ethnomusicological TV channel. Its concept is based on the unity of the numerous peoples living in the Caucasus. It seeks to familiarize residents of all regions of Russia with the culture and diversity of performers from the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia.

The channel started its broadcasting under the name "9 Wave" in 2010 in the package of satellite operator "Tricolor TV". This event went down in media history as the first live broadcast of an ethnomusicological TV channel. Now anyone can watch TV online and enjoy the unique music and atmosphere offered by "9 wave".

One of the main advantages of the TV channel is its diverse music program. Here you can find clips and performances of the most popular performers of the Caucasus, such as Leonid Agutin, Angelica Varum, Leps, Zemfira and many others. Also "9 wave" offers its own author's programs dedicated to both famous artists and young talents.

The channel actively cooperates with music festivals and competitions held in the Caucasus. It organizes live broadcasts of these events, allowing viewers to plunge into the atmosphere of unique musical events. Thanks to this, "9 Wave" becomes a center of attraction for all lovers of Caucasian music and culture.

The "9 Wave" TV channel is an integral part of the cultural space of Russia. It allows to unite different peoples and regions of the country through music and art. Thanks to the ability to watch TV online, anyone can immerse themselves in the world of Caucasian culture and enjoy its richness and beauty. "9 Wave" continues to develop and delight its viewers with new programs and musical projects.

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