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Contivision is a live TV channel that offers you the opportunity to watch TV online for free. Enjoy quality content on your device at no cost, don't miss any program and watch live TV with Contivision!
The television channel Contivisión was born with the aim of promoting the regional development of Maule through communication. This initiative is based on the importance of having a means of communication that covers the social, political and cultural areas of the region.

Contivisión, Chile's first regional television channel, began broadcasting on December 25, 1997. The channel has become an important source of information for the Maule region, offering varied content such as news, entertainment programs, documentaries, sports, educational programs, political debates and much more.

In addition, Contivisión offers its viewers the possibility of watching television on the Internet for free, allowing a greater number of people to enjoy its contents. This option has allowed the channel to reach a larger number of users, even in other countries.

In addition to its programming, Contivisión also stands out for its live broadcasts, which address topics of interest to the region. These programs allow viewers to interact with the guests and panelists, allowing for greater interaction between the audience and the channel.

In short, Contivisión is a television channel that has become an important means of communication for the Maule region. Offering a wide variety of content and the possibility of watching television on the Internet for free, the channel has positioned itself as an important source of information for its viewers.

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