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Experience regional television up close with KWtv! Watch the live stream and enjoy informative, entertaining and educational content directly from Königs-Wusterhausen, Wildau and the surrounding area. Watching TV online has never been so easy - don't miss any news from your region!

KWtv is a private regional television station that has been providing the residents of Königs-Wusterhausen, Wildau and the surrounding area with informative, entertaining and educational content since 1997. As a firmly anchored medium with its finger on the pulse of city events, KWtv offers a unique insight into what is happening in the region.

With a diverse program, KWtv covers a wide range of topics that move local people. From breaking news and reports on events, sports and culture to informative features and entertainment programs, the station presents a diverse lineup that reflects the region's diversity.

A special feature of KWtv is the ability to watch the live stream on any online-enabled device, no matter where you are. This allows viewers to be connected to KWtv anytime, anywhere and not miss any news from the region.

The station is actively involved in the local community and strives to build a strong connection with residents. KWtv is not just an observer of what is going on, but an active part of the community, advocating for the concerns and interests of local people.

KWtv has a clear focus on the region of Königs-Wusterhausen, Wildau, Bestensee, Schönefeld, Fürstenwalde, Bad Saarow and the surrounding area. With well-founded reports and in-depth insights, the station enables viewers to experience their homeland from different perspectives.

KWtv's team is made up of dedicated employees who work with passion and expertise to produce high-quality television content. Being close to the audience and understanding their needs is what drives them to continually develop programming and respond to community interests.

At a time when regional news coverage often falls short, KWtv plays an important role as a reliable source of information and entertainment for area residents. With KWtv's live stream, viewers can watch regional television online and catch up on what's happening locally at any time. KWtv thus remains an indispensable part of media life in Königs-Wusterhausen, Wildau and the surrounding area.

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