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Enjoy an exciting and informative TV viewing experience through the "20Detik" TV channel. Watch various interesting programs directly through live streaming TV that is practical and easy to access. Watching TV online is now even more fun with "20Detik", with interesting content that is ready to entertain and provide the latest information.
In 1998, detikcom emerged as a pioneering online news and information site in Indonesia. In recent years, detikcom has become one of the largest and most trusted news sites in Indonesia. However, with the development of technology and changing media consumption trends, detikcom also continues to adapt to meet user needs.

One of the significant steps taken by detikcom was to join TRANSMEDIA in August 2011. Through this partnership, detikcom hopes to strengthen its position as the largest online media in Indonesia. TRANSMEDIA itself is one of the leading media companies in Indonesia that has various television channels, radio, and digital platforms. The joining of detikcom with TRANSMEDIA brings many benefits, especially in terms of content distribution and audience reach.

One of the benefits offered by detikcom after joining TRANSMEDIA is access to TRANSMEDIA's television channel. With the television channel, detikcom can present news and information in a more interesting and interactive format. In addition, detikcom also utilizes live streaming tv technology to provide users with a more direct and real-time viewing experience.

Through the live streaming tv feature, detikcom users can watch online tv directly from their website. This allows them to follow their favorite news and television programs anywhere and anytime. By using live streaming tv, detikcom provides a more flexible and accessible viewing experience.

Detikcom also continuously strives to provide the most up-to-date, complete and accurate content. They not only present news from within the country, but also international news. With cooperation and access to the TRANSMEDIA network, detikcom can bring the latest news and information from various trusted sources around the world.

In addition to news, detikcom also provides a variety of entertainment and lifestyle content. Users can watch live streaming tv to follow entertainment programs, such as music shows, reality shows, and sports matches. They can also watch online tv to get tips and inspiration in various fields, such as culinary, fashion, and beauty.

With the live streaming tv and watch online tv features, detikcom provides a more complete experience to users. They not only get the latest information, but can also follow the programs they are interested in. This makes detikcom one of the best online media platforms in Indonesia.

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