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7ALimoges is a local TV channel that lets you stay connected with live streaming events and news from Limoges and the surrounding area. Don't miss any more local news by watching online TV on our platform. Follow programs, reports and debates in real time, wherever you are, thanks to our live streaming. Stay informed and connected with 7ALimoges, your favorite online TV channel.
7ALimoges is a local public television channel edited by the City of Limoges. Since its creation in 1997, it has become a key player in the media life of the region.

Run by the Multimedia Department of the Communications Division, 7ALimoges produces and broadcasts reports and announcements on the cultural, sporting, economic, administrative and educational life of the city of Limoges and its urban community. Thanks to its team of journalists and technicians, the channel offers comprehensive coverage of local events and news.

Authorized under an agreement with the CSA, 7ALimoges is currently broadcast on the city of Limoges' cable network. However, the channel has also extended its presence on the Orange TV network, and is accessible via the BBox channel 30 mosaic. In addition, Free subscribers can access the channel directly on mosaic 30 and channel 339.

7ALimoges offers a wide range of programming to suit all tastes. From cultural programs highlighting local artists to sports reports covering the region's major sporting events, the channel offers a complete panorama of life in Limoges.

But that's not all, 7ALimoges also plays an important role in disseminating administrative and educational information from the city of Limoges and its agglomeration community. Thanks to its regular news bulletins, the channel informs residents about current projects, local initiatives and upcoming events.

As a local public channel, 7ALimoges is at the service of the population. It gives a voice to residents, associations and local players to promote the richness and diversity of the region. Thanks to its interactive programs, the channel also encourages civic involvement by providing a space for debate and discussion on issues of concern to the people of Limoges.

7ALimoges is much more than just a local TV channel. It's a local medium that informs, entertains and unites the Limoges community. Thanks to its commitment and professionalism, the channel helps strengthen the bond between residents and their city.

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