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The "Chaine Télé de l'Agglo Hénin-Carvin" TV channel is a real showcase for the mining basin. It offers local residents the chance to keep abreast of local news, upcoming events, sports results and cinema releases.

But that's not all: ILTV also offers viewers the chance to delve back into the history of the area and its conurbation, thanks to its invaluable archives. Viewers will be able to relive the high points that have marked this emblematic region.

The channel's special feature is its night-time programming. Every evening, ILTV presents short and feature-length films by talented young directors. It's a real opportunity for these budding artists to show their work to the general public and make a name for themselves.

Founded in 2003, ILTV is based on the Fosse 9-9bis site in Oignies. This location is not insignificant, as it symbolizes the chain's attachment to the coalfield and its history. The Communauté d'Agglomération d'Hénin-Carvin (Hénin-Carvin conurbation community) was behind the creation of the channel, and provides its financial and logistical support.

Over the years, ILTV has carved out a place for itself in the local audiovisual landscape. It has become an essential medium for local residents who want to stay informed and entertained. Thanks to its varied, high-quality programming, the channel has won the loyalty of an ever-growing audience.

ILTV is an example of success and perseverance. Despite the challenges it has faced, it has managed to assert itself and continue to offer a quality service to its viewers. The channel also helps to promote young talent by giving them visibility and an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

In short, the "Chaine Télé de l'Agglo Hénin-Carvin" TV channel is a real asset for the mining basin. It keeps residents informed, entertained and discovering new talent. ILTV is a source of pride for the Communauté d'Agglomération d'Hénin-Carvin, which is proud to support such a dynamic and committed medium.

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