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Experience Hamburg up close with noa4 - your neighborhood radio and TV station for the Hanseatic city. Watch the live stream and enjoy diverse reporting from the districts and neighborhoods. noa4 Hamburg - your neighborhood station that informs you directly on the spot!

noa4 Hamburg, also known as "nachbarn on air", is a special television station and neighborhood radio station based in Hamburg. The station has been active since July 2008 and provides Hamburg residents with current reports from the various districts and neighborhoods. The broadcasts are recorded directly on location in the districts to ensure authentic reporting.

The focus of noa4 Hamburg is to satisfy the needs and interests of Hamburg's residents. As a neighborhood radio and neighborhood station, the station offers a unique opportunity to follow local happenings, important events, developments and news from the districts.

The reach of noa4 Hamburg extends over the cable network of and PŸUR, so that Hamburg residents can receive the station free of charge. For those who are not yet familiar with noa4, a channel scan is recommended to discover the exciting and informative reporting.

The programs of "nachbarn on air" are broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 p.m. and thus offer regular updates from the city districts. Through its regional focus and proximity to viewers, noa4 Hamburg creates a connection between people and promotes a sense of community within the city.

As a true neighborhood radio and regional television station, noa4 Hamburg is an important source of information for the people of Hamburg. It enables people to follow what is happening in their immediate surroundings and provides information about local events, projects, initiatives and cultural happenings.

noa4 Hamburg helps to appreciate the diversity and special features of the city's districts and neighborhoods and strengthens awareness of identity and a sense of belonging within the metropolis of Hamburg. With a broad range of topics and a clear focus on local reporting, noa4 Hamburg is a valuable contribution to the media landscape of the Hanseatic city.

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