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Pervy Tulsky
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Pervy Tulsky is a live TV channel where you can watch TV online. News, entertainment programs, sports and much more - all in one place!
TV channel "First Tulsky" - a modern media project, which provides Internet broadcasting of a variety of program content. Here the viewer can enjoy live news, information and entertainment programs, as well as other shows created by the channel's own forces.

One of the main advantages of "First Tulsky" is the ability to watch television online. Thanks to this, the viewer can be aware of all current events in real time, regardless of his location. Live broadcasting of news allows you to get operational information about what is happening in Tula and beyond.

One of the key points that make "First Tula" so attractive to viewers is its rich information content. The channel offers 13 live newscasts, which provides constant information updates. In addition, every day there is a live interactive conversation on the most relevant topic of the day, which allows viewers to express their opinions and participate in the discussion.

"First Tulsky" also offers live coverage of events and incidents. Thanks to this, viewers will always be aware of the latest news and can keep up to date with what's happening. In addition, the channel pleases its viewers with a 2-hour morning infotainment channel, which will help them start the day with a good mood.

First Tula" pays special attention to the weather forecast. The detailed forecast allows viewers to plan their affairs and be ready for any weather conditions.

TV channel "First Tulsky" works around the clock, which means that viewers can enjoy their favorite programs at any time of the day. Thanks to the ability to watch TV online, the channel is available for viewing anywhere in the world.

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