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Jászsági Térségi TV

Jászsági Térségi TV Live Stream

Jászsági Térségi TV is a live TV channel that allows you to watch TV online for free. Discover the latest news, events and cultural programmes of Jászság and its surroundings on the channel's live broadcast!
TV in Jászság - Live streaming and watch TV online for free.

The Jászsági Térségi TV is a local television channel, which can be received in 16 municipalities of Jászság, in more than 16.000 connected households. This means that our reach in the region exceeds 55%. We reach more than 40,000 people every day, who can watch our live broadcasts and watch TV online for free.

Live streaming allows viewers to follow important local events, news and sporting events in real time. Whether it's local cultural events, sporting events or political events, Jászsági Térségi TV is always there to bring live coverage of these important events to everyone in the region.

In addition, Jászsági Térségi TV allows you to watch TV online for free. This option is for those who want to follow the programmes on our channel but do not have a traditional TV set or are not at home. The possibility of watching online means that you can enjoy Jászsági Térségi TV programmes anywhere, anytime, all you need is an internet connection.

The reception of Jászsági Térségi TV is outstanding in the region and this is achieved with the help of the cable operator Pr-Telecom Zrt. Pr-Telecom Zrt. not only transmits our programmes in the basic package, but also makes them available on digital channels. This means that our viewers have a wide choice of access to our programmes.

All in all, Jászsági Térségi TV offers people living in the region the opportunity to stay up-to-date with local events and news.

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