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Católica TV is the Catholic TV channel of the Catholic Church in Spain. Enjoy live and free programming from anywhere. Watch TV online for free, with varied content for the whole family. A unique Catholic television experience for everyone.
Católica de Televisión, CTV, is a Catholic television channel that began broadcasting in 1996. It was founded by Fr. Eduardo Pérez, who started a television project called "Copacabana de Televisión". Its studios were located on Armentia Street, and it was the first Catholic channel to broadcast on UHF.

During these 18 years of history, CTV has been one of the main television channels in the region. Its programming is mainly focused on the family, with religious, cultural, educational, entertainment and news content. This has made CTV one of the most important channels in the region.

In addition, CTV also has a wide variety of live programs, from religious programs to entertainment programs. This allows its viewers to keep up to date with all the relevant information in the region.

On the other hand, CTV also offers its viewers the possibility of watching television on the Internet for free. This allows its viewers to watch their favorite programs from anywhere. In addition, they also offer exclusive content for their viewers, such as interviews, educational content, and others.

In conclusion, CTV is a Catholic television channel that has been present in the region for the past 18 years. Its programming is family-oriented, with religious, educational, cultural, entertainment and news content. In addition, it also offers its viewers the possibility of watching television on the Internet for free, as well as exclusive content for its viewers.

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