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Watch CNN Portugal live, and enjoy keeping up with the most relevant news of the moment. Enjoy a unique experience by watching free live TV on the channel, staying informed about national and international events in real time.
CNN Portugal is a Portuguese news channel available by subscription that started broadcasting on November 22, 2021. Belonging to the Portuguese media conglomerate Media Capital, the channel established a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery, an American company, to use the CNN brand.

With a program focused on news and current affairs, CNN Portugal brings Portuguese viewers a new option for live information. Through comprehensive and impartial news coverage, the channel seeks to offer an in-depth view of national and international events that shape the world today.

To compose the team of anchors of the new channel, well-known faces of Portuguese television journalism were announced, especially from the TVI channel. Names like Júlio Magalhães and Judite Sousa, recognized for their professionalism and experience, were chosen to lead the news presentation at CNN Portugal. This decision reinforces the channel's goal of offering viewers a familiar and reliable experience, through renowned professionals in the field of television journalism.

The arrival of CNN Portugal represents a new era in Portuguese television, offering viewers a quality option to watch free live TV, with a program focused on up-to-date news and from reliable sources. In addition, the partnership between Media Capital and Warner Bros. Discovery allows the channel to have access to a wide range of international features and content, ensuring global and diverse coverage of the most relevant events.

With the launch of CNN Portugal, Portuguese viewers now have the opportunity to follow live the main news of the country and the world, with experienced professionals and a quality journalistic approach. The diversity of perspectives and impartiality in the coverage of events are essential characteristics of the channel, which always seeks to inform and educate the public in an objective and balanced way.

In short, the arrival of CNN Portugal on the Portuguese television scene brings with it an innovative and quality proposal, providing viewers with the opportunity to watch free live TV, with a program focused on the most relevant news and current affairs in the country and the world. With renowned professionals and a solid partnership with a renowned American company, the channel promises to establish itself as a reference in television journalism in Portugal.

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