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Watch television online on SALTO1 - the ultimate TV channel with a free live TV stream. Enjoy a wide range of programs and always stay connected to your favorite shows.
Salto 1 is an Amsterdam television channel that provides a unique platform for people and organizations in the capital city. The channel makes airtime available to individuals and groups, giving them the opportunity to create programs aimed at their own target audience and the Amsterdam community in general. With a wide range of topics including politics, neighborhood news, urban information, culture and social issues, Salto 1 offers a varied and engaging viewing experience.

One of Salto 1's greatest advantages is its accessibility. In addition to traditional television viewing, Salto also offers the ability to watch television online. With a live TV stream available for free, viewers can enjoy their favorite programs anywhere, anytime. This provides a flexible viewing experience for busy Amsterdam residents who do not want to miss their favorite programs, even when they are on the go.

The variety of programs on Salto 1 makes it an interesting choice for viewers of all ages and interests. Whether you are interested in political debates, local events, cultural highlights or social issues, Salto 1 has something for everyone. Through the ability to request programs and even participate in content creation, Salto 1 also gives a voice to Amsterdam residents and their communities.

Salto 1 not only provides a platform for individuals and organizations, but also contributes to the local community. By making programs about neighborhood news and city information, Salto 1 plays a role in connecting people and increasing involvement in the city. It acts as a source of information and entertainment for the residents of Amsterdam, keeping them abreast of what is going on within their community.

With the growing importance of online content and streaming services, Salto 1 is at the forefront of local television. It provides not only an alternative to traditional television, but also a platform for local communities to make their voices heard and share content with the public. With its wide variety of programs and the ability to watch television online, Salto 1 is a valuable addition to Amsterdam's media landscape.

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