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Watch NPO 1 Extra online - enjoy your favorite programs and events on this TV channel. Watch television online with the free live TV stream.
NPO 1 Extra (NPO Best, Best 24 and HilversumBest) is a digital theme channel of Public Broadcasting on which programs broadcast by Public Broadcasting over the past sixty years can be seen. This TV channel is a true treasure trove for fans of nostalgic television and offers a unique viewing experience for young and old.

The initiative for NPO 1 Extra was taken by Han Peekel and the channel has been available since December 1, 2006. In the period from August 1, 2016 to December 24, 2018, NPO 1 Extra shared airtime with NPO Zapp Xtra. However, since December 25, 2018, 24-hour programming is again available, allowing viewers to enjoy their favorite programs at any time of the day.

What makes NPO 1 Extra unique is that it broadcasts programs created by public service broadcasters. This means that the channel offers a wide range of genres and formats, ranging from drama and comedy to news and current affairs programs. Moreover, most of these programs come directly from the archives of Public Broadcasting, giving viewers the chance to rediscover classics from Dutch television history.

One of the major advantages of NPO 1 Extra is that the channel is also available online, allowing viewers to watch television online at any time. This offers great flexibility and convenience, as viewers are no longer dependent on fixed broadcast times. With just an Internet connection, viewers can enjoy their favorite programs whenever and wherever they want.

Moreover, viewers can use the live TV stream free option to directly access programs broadcast on NPO 1 Extra. This means that viewers do not have to incur additional costs to enjoy the nostalgic television experience that this channel offers. It is a great way to relive old memories while discovering new favorites.

In short, NPO 1 Extra is a fantastic digital theme channel that offers a wealth of television programs from the past sixty years of Public Broadcasting. With an extensive range of genres and formats, the ability to watch television online and a free live TV stream, this channel is a must for anyone who loves nostalgic television and wants a unique viewing experience.

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