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Watch Kiel TV live in stream! Watch TV online and stay informed about current events and features. Kiel TV - The Open Channel for Kiel and surrounding area!

Kiel TV is the regional open channel for the city of Kiel and the surrounding area. This TV station offers a unique program, which is designed by and is the responsibility of the citizens of the region. This results in a multi-faceted variety of content that reflects the local culture, life and issues of the people in Kiel and the surrounding area.

Kiel TV's programming is produced by committed citizens who want to share their ideas and stories with the public. Each program is a product of the community and reflects the interests, concerns and perspectives of the citizens. From political discussions and cultural events to local news and reports, Kiel TV offers a wide range of content that illuminates life in the region.

Viewers can receive Kiel TV in the city of Kiel and in surrounding towns such as Rendsburg, Neumünster and Preetz via the Kiel cable network on digital channel 122. Thanks to this availability, the station is widely distributed in the region and reaches a broad audience.

On Kiel TV's website, interested parties can view the program and find out about upcoming broadcasts as well as past contributions. The website provides a comprehensive overview of the planned broadcast content and the fixed broadcast slots. In this way, viewers can easily keep track of what will soon be shown on Kiel TV and watch missed contributions retrospectively.

Kiel TV is more than just a TV station - it is a platform for local people to raise their voices, share their opinions and tell their stories. With an open and inclusive concept, Kiel TV helps promote diversity and togetherness in the region. Through the engagement of citizens, Kiel TV becomes an authentic reflection of the community and an important medium for local information and discussion.

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