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Children mean the future and children need guidance in their development. KiKA is aware of this responsibility and promotes the social, emotional and cognitive development of young viewers. The station stands for tolerance and friendship, thus promoting social skills and the development of a sensible approach to the medium of television.

The station does not see the name KiKA as an abbreviation, but as a proper name. The name is therefore used without an article. The children's channel, which is based in the state broadcasting center of the MDR in Erfurt, is a joint program of ARD and ZDF, which each have a half share. The MDR takes the lead as well as the ARD coordination. KiKA is a special-interest program of the public service broadcaster, free of advertising and offers a target group-oriented program for three to 13-year-old viewers. Trick and live programs are broadcast alongside series and feature films, magazines and information programs.
These included cartoon classics from the 1970s and 1980s (such as Heidi, Maya the Bee, Wickie or Nils Holgersson) and real series (such as Neues vom Süderhof or Ocean Girl). Children's television classics such as the Astrid Lindgren films or the Augsburger Puppenkiste also had a regular place in the programme.

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