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Discover TébéSud, the regional TV channel offering a unique live streaming experience! With TébéSud, you can watch TV online and enjoy a variety of programs showcasing the cultural and artistic wealth of Brittany. Stay tuned to our channel for regional news, entertaining programs, captivating reports and much more. Join us now and dive into the exciting world of TébéSud, where you can enjoy regional television wherever you are, whenever you want.
TébéSud, formerly known as Ty Télé, is a local TV channel broadcasting in the Morbihan department of Brittany. Headquartered in Lorient, the channel is dedicated to keeping local residents up to date with the latest news from the department and, more broadly, from southern Brittany.

TébéSud is a free channel, accessible on channel 33 of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in Morbihan. It is also available on other platforms such as Orange TV (channel 363), Freebox TV (channel 928) and Bbox (channel 382). However, it is important to note that it is not available on SFR TV.

The channel is committed to providing its viewers with varied, high-quality programming. In addition to local news, TébéSud also offers cultural, sports and entertainment programs. Thanks to its collaboration with Brittany's two other local channels, TVR and Tébéo, TébéSud has succeeded in creating a common programming unit, offering a greater diversity of content to its audiences.

TébéSud's aim is to reflect the region's diversity and promote local talent. The channel provides a platform for the region's artists, associations and cultural events. It also strives to support the local economy by highlighting the initiatives and successes of Breton businesses.

Thanks to its presence on various broadcasting channels, TébéSud reaches a wide audience, both locally and regionally. Viewers can keep up to date with local news and discover the cultural and economic riches of southern Brittany.

In conclusion, TébéSud is a dynamic and committed local TV channel, offering its viewers varied, high-quality programming. Thanks to its collaboration with other local channels in Brittany, TébéSud is able to offer a diverse range of programming that meets the expectations of its audience. Whether it's for information, entertainment or discovering the riches of the region, TébéSud is an essential reference for the inhabitants of Morbihan and southern Brittany.

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