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Al Malakoot Sat: Watch TV online in live streaming! Don't miss a single program on our TV channel, which specializes in spiritual and religious content. Discover a wide range of programming, from devotional programs to biblical teachings and inspiring reports. Immerse yourself in a world of faith and spirituality, accessible from home, thanks to our online streaming service. Join us now for an enriching journey to the heart of faith!
Al Malakoot Sat, also known as Kingdom Sat and Royaume Sat, is a Christian television channel whose ambition is to bring the Good News to all people, wherever they may be, regardless of their origin or social background. Thanks to its linguistic diversity, the channel reaches a wide audience with programs in French, Arabic and English.

Al Malakoot Sat's mission is clear: to make the teachings of Jesus Christ known through its programs centered on the Christian faith. Whether you speak French, Arabic or English, you'll find programs on this channel that will help you discover or deepen your knowledge of the Bible and the life of Jesus.

The channel offers a variety of programs to suit all audiences. Whether you're a devout believer or simply curious to learn more about Christianity, Al Malakoot Sat has something for you. From theological debates and historical documentaries to sermons and testimonies, each program is designed to inform and inspire you on your spiritual journey.

By broadcasting programs in different languages, Al Malakoot Sat enables a wide range of people to feel involved and included. Regardless of your origin or social background, the channel welcomes you with kindness and offers you the opportunity to discover the Christian faith at your own pace and in your own language.

Al Malakoot Sat is also committed to promoting interfaith dialogue and open-mindedness. The channel regularly invites guests from different Christian denominations as well as representatives of other religions to discuss and exchange views on topics of common interest. This openness to dialogue fosters mutual understanding and strengthens ties between different religious communities.

As a Christian TV channel, Al Malakoot Sat is committed to spreading values such as love, respect, tolerance and compassion. It encourages its viewers to live these values on a daily basis, and to share them with those around them. The channel also offers prayer services and spiritual guidance for those in need.

Al Malakoot Sat is much more than just a Christian TV channel. It is a means of communication and sharing that aims to bring the good news to all people, without distinction. Whether you're French-speaking, Arabic-speaking or English-speaking, you'll find programs on this channel that will help you discover or deepen your Christian faith. Al Malakoot Sat invites you to open your heart and mind to receive the teachings of Jesus Christ, and to "learn from Him".

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