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Watch Korolev TV channel live and enjoy the opportunity to watch TV online. Get up-to-date news, entertainment programs and exciting shows without leaving home.
TV channel "Korolev Main News" - Korolev TV is the first information TV channel of the Moscow Region science city. It broadcasts round the clock in Korolev city cable network "Cascade" and has a potential audience of about 180 thousand people.

The main advantages of Korolev TV are fresh and relevant information from the largest Russian science city and the ability to watch TV online. Thanks to this, viewers can always be aware of all the events taking place in the city, regardless of the time of day.

The channel also offers its viewers the classics and novelties of world cinema, which can be viewed at a convenient time and without interruption for advertising. This is a great opportunity for residents of Korolev to enjoy their favorite films and discover new cinematic masterpieces.

"Korolev TV" actively participates in social actions and charitable projects, which emphasizes its important role in society. The channel covers various initiatives aimed at helping the needy and contributing to the development of the city.

For fans of documentaries and concerts "Korolev TV" offers a wide range of interesting programs. Viewers can enjoy fascinating and informative documentaries, as well as listen to quality music at concerts, which are broadcast on the channel.

Korolev TV" also offers conversations on hot topics on air. This allows viewers to participate in the discussion of topical issues and express their point of view.

One of the main advantages of Korolev TV is its unique archive of videos about the space industry. As a science town, Korolev has a rich history in space research, and the channel offers viewers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with this history and learn more about space achievements.

All of the above features of the channel are available to viewers both on TV through the Korolev city cable network "Cascade" and online. Live broadcasting and the ability to watch TV online make "Korolev TV" a convenient and accessible source of information and entertainment for all residents of the science city.

TV channel "Korolev Main News" - "Korolev TV" is an indispensable source of information, entertainment and cultural events for the residents of Korolev. Due to its variety of programs and convenience of viewing, it deserves attention and support of the audience.

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