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Mór Városi TV

Mór Városi TV Live Stream

Mór City TV is a live TV channel where you can watch your favourite programmes online for free. Enjoy the latest news, events and entertainment content with Mór City TV live streaming from wherever you are. Watch your favourite shows, events and news online for free via Mór City TV.
It is renowned for its culture and diversity, providing people with authentic and objective information. Our broadcasts can be received on cable in about 5,000 households in the municipality, which means a potential audience of more than 15,000 people.

The most important task of Mór Municipal Television Non-profit Ltd. is to provide people with authentic and objective information and to present local values. Every day we strive to provide fresh and relevant news and information about events in the city, local politics, the economy and cultural events. Our aim is to keep our viewers up to date with what is happening in the city.

The term "live coverage" is becoming increasingly important to us. Live broadcasting allows our viewers to follow in real time the events taking place in the city, such as city meetings, sporting events or other important events. Live broadcasting allows viewers to be part of the life of the city, even if they cannot be there in person.

However, Mór Municipal Television Nonprofit Ltd. does not only focus on the news. We also place great emphasis on presenting cultural events, the German national culture and the traditions of the wine-growing and wine-making industry. We regularly report on concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events in the city. In addition, we have a number of programmes that present German national culture and the traditions of viticulture and winemaking.

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