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Stay informed with WLBT's comprehensive coverage in Mississippi. Watch live stream and catch up on the latest news, weather, sports, and special reports from the NBC-affiliated television station in Jackson, Mississippi.

WLBT - Your Source for Comprehensive Coverage in Mississippi.

WLBT, an NBC-affiliated television station in Jackson, Mississippi, is your go-to source for comprehensive news, weather, sports, and special reports in the state. Broadcasting a high-definition digital signal on UHF channel 30 from a transmitter on Thigpen Road in Raymond, WLBT reaches audiences across Mississippi.

What sets WLBT apart is its commitment to delivering the most up-to-date and accurate information to its viewers. By combining the capabilities of WLBT and WDBD in Jackson, Massachusetts, the station offers a unique advantage in providing the most comprehensive coverage in the region.

For breaking news and critical updates, viewers can rely on the Alert Center, where the latest happenings are reported promptly. Additionally, the 3 On Your Side Investigates team is dedicated to bringing viewers special reports that delve deep into various topics affecting the community.

With WLBT's live stream feature, you can watch news reports and special segments as they happen, keeping you informed in real-time. If you miss a live broadcast, don't worry; WLBT offers on-demand viewing, so you can catch up on any stories you may have missed.

The First Alert Weather Team is always on top of weather conditions in Mississippi, ensuring that viewers are well-prepared for any weather events. With video forecasts, real-time radar, hourly updates, and 10-day forecasts, WLBT keeps you informed about the ever-changing weather patterns.

WLBT also brings you the latest in sports news, covering local teams and events. Whether you're a fan of high school sports or follow professional teams closely, WLBT has you covered with the latest scores, highlights, and sports updates.

In addition to news and weather, WLBT covers a wide range of topics, providing viewers with insights into various aspects of life in Mississippi. From community events to features on local businesses and cultural highlights, the station captures the essence of the region.

WLBT is your ultimate source for comprehensive coverage in Mississippi. Through its live stream and on-demand viewing options, the station ensures that viewers can access the latest news, weather, sports, and special reports at their convenience. WLBT's dedication to accuracy and timeliness makes it a trusted source for staying informed about all that is happening in Jackson and across the state.

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