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Mosobr TV
Country:  Russia
Category: Educational
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День добровольца | Мультфильм на Московском образовательном
Совет дня от психологи Натальи Мотевой №1
Конституция России | Разговоры о важном
Московское образование в кадре. Фотодайджест 01.12.2022 — 07.12.2022

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Mosobr TV Live Stream

Mosobr TV - The Moscow educational Internet TV channel combines on one platform various media resources dedicated to modern education, creates educational and educational programs and programs, news stories, author's analytical programs, school television videos and interesting talks. show.
Four hours of weekly unique content. These are studio news, news stories, author's analytical programs, school television videos and interesting talk shows.
We talk about the possibilities of the educational space and cultural environment of the capital, discuss the main events, trends and innovations in Moscow schools, learn about everything new and interesting together.
Moscow Educational is a territory of development: the channel is the official information partner and platform for the development of the Media Class in Moscow School project. High school students who link their future with media journalism are taking their first steps in this direction at MosObrTV.
Educational and informative videos, life hacks and tips from professionals in their field, stories about the achievements and victories of the capital's schoolchildren and teachers, and much more - for you. Success starts here!

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