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Watch TV online on Karusel TV channel: live TV, interesting programs and cartoons for children. Open the world of entertainment right now!
TV channel "Karusel" is a Russian federal state international TV channel, specially created for children and youth. It broadcasts 24 hours a day from Moscow, from the Ostankino TV Center, and is available for viewing throughout Russia and in many countries around the world.

"Karusel" is the largest children's TV channel in Russia in terms of coverage, and offers its viewers a bright kaleidoscope of the best educational and entertainment shows, as well as favorite animated series and cartoons. On the channel you can also find fun game projects that allow children to actively participate in the viewing process.

One of the features of the TV channel "Carousel" is live broadcasting, which allows children to watch TV online and be aware of the latest news and events. For many children, this becomes an opportunity to learn about the world and society, as well as to develop their skills.

TV channel "Carousel" actively works on creating unique programs that combine educational, developmental and game elements. This allows young viewers to learn and develop in a fun and accessible way.

On "Carousel" you can find a variety of programs that help children develop their imagination, creativity and teamwork skills. Such programs as "Workshop", "Umniki i Umnitsy", "Igroteka" and "Klassniy Chas" help to develop children's intellectual and creative abilities.

Karusel TV channel also offers its viewers educational programs that help children learn new things and broaden their horizons. Programs such as "Learning Letters", "Learning to Count" and "The World Around Us" help children learn about the world, nature, history and science.

The Karusel TV channel tries to satisfy the interests and needs of different age groups. It offers various programs for preschool children, schoolchildren and teenagers. This allows each child to find something interesting and useful for himself.

Thus, the Karusel TV channel is an important source of information and entertainment for children and youth. It offers educational, developmental and game programs that help children learn, develop and have fun. Thanks to live streaming, children can watch TV online and keep up to date with the latest news and events. Karusel TV channel remains an indispensable assistant in the development and entertainment of young TV viewers.

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