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Bulgarian Christian TV
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БХТВ - "Если призовёшь услышу" - Galustyan Liana, Khamoyan Agapi, Khamoyan Ilia
БХТВ - "Если призовёшь услышу" - Galustyan Liana, Khamoyan Agapi, Khamoyan Ilia
БХТВ -  "Без Тебя" - Liana Galustyan
БХТВ - "Без Тебя" - Liana Galustyan
"Отче наш" - Liana Galustyan
"Отче наш" - Liana Galustyan
"Источник " - Agapi Khamoyan
"Источник " - Agapi Khamoyan
БХТВ - "Среща с Благовест Белев" - гост -  п-р  Даниел Розен
БХТВ - "Среща с Благовест Белев" - гост - п-р Даниел Розен

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Bulgarian Christian TV Live Stream

Watch Bulgarian Christian Television - BCCTV live and online. Enjoy inspiring programs and spiritual events through our channel. Discover new insights and inspiration for your faith.
Bulgarian Christian Television (BCHTV) is a Bulgarian television channel that began broadcasting in 2015. The founder of this channel is the evangelical pastor Blagovest Belev. BHTV aims to present the benchmarks of Christian thinking from the three main branches of religion - Orthodoxy, Protestantism and Roman Catholicism - and to reflect the activities of each of them.

One of the key aspects of BHTV is the provision of live information and entertainment. This means that viewers can tune in to the channel's programme, ask questions of guests or comment live. This creates an interactive community that can share thoughts, questions and ideas.

In addition to on-air television, BHTV offers the ability to watch TV online. This means that viewers can enjoy the channel's programming over the internet wherever they are. This is extremely convenient for those who are on the move or cannot access the TV signal through standard channels.

BHTV has a varied programme schedule that includes news, documentaries, talks by experts, spiritual development programmes, music concerts and more. The channel strives to offer a balanced and objective overview of events from a Christian perspective. This means that BHTV's programming features programmes that present a variety of opinions and positions on matters of faith.

BHTV viewers can enjoy worship services that are broadcast live from various Christian communities and churches. This enables viewers to participate in worship from the comfort of their home or work. In addition, the channel also offers spiritual sermons and teachings from leading clergy and pastors.

By watching TV online on BHTV, people have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of various aspects of Christianity. BHTV strives to present biblical principles and values in a way that is understandable and applicable to today's world.

BHTV is an important source of information and inspiration for Christians in Bulgaria and around the world. It offers the opportunity to watch television online, making the programme accessible to anyone with an internet connection. BHTV strives to be a benchmark of quality and objectivity in the presentation of Christian values and principles.

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