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Watch Switzerland 5 live in stream! Discover television online with Switzerland 5, a private Swiss TV channel that started on March 1, 2004 under the name U1 TV. The channel offers broadcasts in Swiss German and standard German. Immerse yourself in the diversity of Switzerland 5 and follow the program live online!

Switzerland 5 is a private Swiss television station that first began broadcasting on March 1, 2004 under the name U1 TV. The station broadcasts in both Swiss German and Swiss Standard German and is aimed at a predominantly regional audience.

As a so-called niche station, Switzerland 5 has a comparatively small market share of less than one percent. This means that the station operates in a special market segment and appeals to a rather limited audience.

Switzerland 5 offers diverse programming that focuses primarily on regional topics and content. By broadcasting in various Swiss German dialects and standard Swiss German, the station aims to appeal to a broad target audience in Switzerland.

Switzerland 5's programming lineup includes a variety of content, including news, entertainment shows, documentaries and local event coverage. The station emphasizes the presentation of events and happenings from Switzerland in order to provide programming with regional roots.

Despite its comparatively small market share, Switzerland 5 is an important part of the Swiss media landscape, offering viewers an alternative to public and other private TV stations. By focusing on regional content and broadcasting in various dialects, the station contributes to Switzerland's cultural diversity and offers viewers a unique TV experience that stands out from other stations.

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