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Channel 10 - Your platform for live TV and watching TV online. Explore our wide range of exciting programs and live broadcasts. Never miss your favorite shows again - watch at your convenience, wherever you are. Discover a world of entertainment and join us at Kanal 10 for an outstanding online TV experience.
"Kanal 10 is a Christian Swedish-language TV channel owned by Kanal 10 Media AB. Since its inception, the channel has had a clear focus on spreading a Christian message through its programs. By offering programs with Swedish speech or text, it enables a wider audience to access the content.

Channel 10 is financed by advertising revenue, private donations and contributions from churches, communities and parishes. This allows the channel to remain free to viewers and continue to offer its programs at no cost. By collaborating with the Oasis Movement of the Church of Sweden and various free church congregations, the channel can offer a variety of perspectives and experiences.

The channel's content has a distinctly free church character. This means highlighting and presenting different aspects of the Christian faith and its expression. The channel offers both sermons and teaching, but also music, family programs and documentaries.

Although the channel has a Christian profile, it is not only believing viewers who are attracted to its content. Many appreciate the positive and inspiring atmosphere that permeates the channel's programs. By offering a mix of entertainment and spirituality, the channel can appeal to a wider audience than just Christian viewers.

Channel 10 has also expanded to offer digital platforms for viewers to access their content. By being available on various streaming services and social media, it reaches even more viewers and spreads its message in a modern way.

By offering a wide range of programs with a Christian focus, Kanal 10 continues to be an important voice in the Swedish media landscape. Through partnerships with different churches and congregations, it offers a diversity of perspectives and experiences. The channel's free content and presence on digital platforms enables even more people to access its message. With its distinctly non-denominational character, Channel 10 continues to be a channel that offers viewers a unique and inspiring TV experience.

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