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Watch Antena 1 live and enjoy your favourite programmes in real time! Get the latest news, watch exciting shows and don't miss the most popular series, only on Antena 1 TV channel. Stay connected to important events and enjoy quality entertainment by watching Antena 1 live, every day!
Antena 1 is a private commercial TV channel in Romania, which was launched in 1993 as a regional TV channel, broadcasting in Bucharest and surrounding areas. Over time, Antena 1 expanded its coverage and relaunched in 1998 as a national channel.

In 2012, Antena 1 became the second most watched TV channel in Romania, after Pro TV, with a market share of 16.8%. This success is largely due to the channel's varied and high-quality programming. Antena 1 is a generalist channel, broadcasting news, entertainment, films and series from both the foreign and domestic markets. Antena 1 has also broadcast sports programmes in the past, until 2013.

However, good news for football fans: from 2022, Antena 1 will return to the world of sport and start broadcasting football matches. This decision comes in response to the growing demand for live sports events and will bring more diversity to the channel's schedule.

Another important aspect of Antena 1 is the possibility to watch live broadcasts online. Through their streaming platform, viewers can access their favourite shows in real time, no matter where they are. This option offers increased flexibility and a convenient way to always be connected to your favourite content.

Antena 1 stands out for its own quality productions and collaborations with renowned producers. The series and films it broadcasts are appreciated by the general public and the entertainment shows are always full of surprises and memorable moments. The news presented on the channel is also up-to-date and comprehensive, providing viewers with the latest news from around the country and the world.

In conclusion, Antena 1 is an important TV channel in the Romanian media landscape. Through the diversity and quality of the programmes offered, as well as the possibility to watch live broadcasts, the channel manages to attract a large number of viewers. In addition, the return to the world of sport by broadcasting football matches from 2022 onwards will bring added excitement and interest to football fans. Antena 1 remains a reference channel in Romania and continues to strengthen its position in the media market.

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