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Corazón Llanero TV
Country:  Venezuela
Category: Music
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Corazón Llanero La Revista #24 - Programa completo
Corazón Llanero La Revista #24 - D'Total Zulianidad “Te gusta”
Corazón Llanero La Revista #24 - D'Total Zulianidad “El vaporón”
Corazón Llanero La Revista #24 - Nayeli de la Rosa “La Curruchá”

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We are a foundation that seeks to communicationally enhance 'what is ours'. We take cultural expressions as a standard, because there is the most intrinsic vein of the Venezuelan: His origins, his evolution and his future. In the first line, the Fundación Corazón Llanera Multimedia considers that there are no more indigenous customs than those that have emerged and developed in the plains, aspects that have been enriched over the years and that today represent the maximum expression of the Venezuelan, as well as the llanera music.

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