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Canal RCN
Country:  Colombia
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Canal RCN (RCN Television or RCN) is a Colombian open television channel, belonging to the Ardila Lülle Organization, acronym for Radio Cadena Nacional. It was founded as a television content production company on March 23, 1967 and began broadcasting as an independent channel on July 10,

RCN currently operates on a 22-hour schedule of regular network programming, and its signal is the same throughout the country, with no regional variations in the schedule , the morning is covered by breakfast television, with a break for news, the news returns at 12:30 pm and the rest of the afternoon is taken by domestic and foreign telenovelas until 7:00 pm with the news bulletin, and at 8:0 00 pm the prime time starts with domestic soap operas until 10:30 pm; the night schedule is occupied by news and editorial TV shows.

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