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천연기념물 흑두루미 ‘3배 급증’…일본 AI 확산에 ‘역귀성’ / KBS 2022.11.29.
[뉴스광장 영상] 지리산 천왕봉 일출 / KBS 2022.11.29.
두 번 이사 실패한 조두순, 당분간 현 주거지 계속 거주 / KBS 2022.11.29.
우주로드맵…“10년 뒤 달 착륙·채굴, 2045년에는 화성 착륙” / KBS 2022.11.29.

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The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is the national broadcaster of South Korea. Founded in 1927, it is one of the leading South Korean television and radio broadcasters.
KBS operates seven radio networks, ten television channels, and multiple Internet-exclusive services. Its flagship terrestrial television stations KBS1 broadcasts on channel 9, while KBS1 sister channel KBS2, an entertainment oriented network, broadcasts on channel 7. KBS also operates the international service KBS World, which provides television, radio, and online services in twelve different languages and It is a member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

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