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Khyber News
Country:  Pakistan
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Muqadma Khyber | 8 December 2022 | Khyber News
U-Turn In Daily Mail And Shahbaz Sharif's Defamation case | Headlines 9 PM | 8Dec 2022 |Khyber |KA1P
KP Updates | 8 December 2022 | Khyber News
Ilaqai Siyasat | 8 December 2022 | Khyber News

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Khyber News Live Stream

Khyber News is a Pashto television news and current affairs channel in Pakistan which was launched in August 2007. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, providing news, current affairs and informational programs for the Pashtun population of Pakistan and the Afghanistan, as well as those living in the Middle East, Europe and Australia. Unlike most TV stations in Pakistan, Khyber News programs are in Pashto and English language only.
Our goal is always to provide the best quality Pashto content to our viewers, therefore, the best quality Khyber News live stream is featured here. Khyber News (Khybernews), the only Pashto news and current affairs channel, broadcasts its 24-hour broadcast which includes Pashto and Pashto news programs on regional and national Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) issues, social issues that portray the true picture from Pakistani and Afghan Pakhtun (Pashtun), Gulf Countries, Australia, Europe and Pakhtuns residing in different countries. Khyber News is watched in over 72 countries.

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