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Euronews Magyarul
Country:  Hungary
Category: News
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Brazília és Portugália is továbbjutott a katari világbajnokságon
„A társadalom már nem tisztel bennünket" - rendőrtüntetés Brüsszelben
Kemény fellépést ígér a huligánokkal szemben a brüsszeli polgármester
Nőtt a vegyi fegyverek bevetésének kockázata az ukrajnai háború miatt

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Our mission is to help people form their own opinions. We trust in people's intelligence and in their ability to think through all of this on their own. We strive for the greatest possible diversity with uncompromisingly impartial journalism.
Instead of bias and emotion, we focus on facts, ideas and solutions.
We believe that every point of view matters.
Euronews was born out of the desire to create a strong, independent European news channel. As the only international media outlet with a European perspective, Euronews is where the world turns to get Europe's point of view.

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