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Sachsen Fernsehen

Sachsen Fernsehen Live Stream

Experience regional diversity on Sachsen Fernsehen! Don't miss any local news from Chemnitz and the surrounding area. Watch the live stream and enjoy television online.

Sachsen Fernsehen is a major private regional television station based in Chemnitz. Since its foundation on October 4, 1993, the station has become an important information medium for the region. Initially launched under the name "Lokal TV Chemnitz", it later changed its name to "Drehscheibe Chemnitz".

One of the distinctive features of Sachsen Fernsehen was its placement as a regional window, which interrupted the programming of the well-known station VOX. At fixed times, the regional program was broadcast to provide viewers with local news and reports from Chemnitz and the surrounding area. This regional reporting was and still is an important contribution to strengthening the regional identity and solidarity of the people in Chemnitz and the surrounding area.

Sachsen Fernsehen's regional programming includes a wide range of content. In addition to news from the region, the focus is also on informative magazine programs. Here, viewers gain insights into local events, are informed about current happenings and receive background reports on relevant topics from the region.

A highlight of Sachsen Fernsehen's programming is the program "Drehscheibe Chemnitz." This is broadcast on weekdays from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on terrestrial channels 45 and 47. The program offers a varied mix of news, entertainment and regional reports, making it a popular format with viewers.

Sachsen Fernsehen's mission is to reflect regional diversity and the interests of local people. As an important source of information for the citizens of Chemnitz and the surrounding area, the station is an indispensable part of the media landscape and contributes to the formation of opinion and exchange within the community.

Sachsen Fernsehen's programming is available online not only via the classic transmission channels, but also via live stream. This option extends the station's reach and enables viewers to follow regional events on digital platforms as well.

Overall, Sachsen Fernsehen plays a significant role as a regional television station and is an indispensable part of the media landscape in Chemnitz and the surrounding area. Through its broad range of regional content, the station makes a valuable contribution to providing viewers with information and entertainment, and strengthens the regional ties of the people in the region.

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