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KRT TV is one of Turkey's leading news channels broadcasting live. KRT TV, which aims to provide its viewers with the most accurate information with breaking news, current developments and analysis, also draws attention with its various programs. With a wide range of content on politics, economy, sports, culture and many other topics, the channel offers a variety of programs that will interest everyone. By following KRT TV with live broadcast or live TV streaming options, you can be instantly informed about the news and follow current developments closely.
KRT is a television channel operating in the field of culture and news in Turkey. The channel was founded by Ahmet Kopuz on September 1, 2014. KRT was established as the third cultural channel after Meltem TV and Mehtap TV.

Some of KRT TV's programs are broadcast jointly with Yön Radyo. These joint broadcasts aim to deliver the channel's cultural and news-oriented content to a wider audience. The combination of Yön Radyo's experience and KRT TV's broadcast quality aims to offer a richer content to viewers.

Initially established as a cultural channel broadcasting exclusively to the Black Sea region, KRT changed its name in a short time after changing hands. Now called Kültür Radyo Televizyonu, the channel continues to broadcast as a culture and arts channel. This change provided by the channel owner is a tip-off of the information and content that will be offered to people from all regions.

KRT TV aims to provide viewers with the most up-to-date news through live broadcasts. Live broadcasts, in which the events on the agenda are instantly followed and conveyed to the viewers, show the reliability and quality of the channel in the field of news. At the same time, programs related to culture and arts are also presented to viewers through live broadcasts. Various cultural events such as concerts, theater plays and interviews are broadcast live.

KRT TV's broadcasting principles include impartiality, objectivity and quality. The channel presents its news in an impartial manner and aims to provide viewers with accurate and reliable information. The channel also prioritizes quality in cultural content and offers viewers rich and impressive programs.

KRT TV aims to expand its audience day by day as it continues its broadcasting life. The channel, which is also possible to watch live broadcasts over the internet, aims to reach its viewers more easily and quickly by keeping up with technological developments.

In conclusion, KRT TV is a television channel operating in the field of culture and news in Turkey. The channel aims to offer its viewers a wider range of content through joint broadcasts with Yön Radyo, and offers its viewers the latest news and cultural events through live broadcasts. Impartiality, objectivity and quality

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