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Enjoy the live broadcast and watch TV online on the Finnish Jim channel. Jim offers a wide range of entertainment without news broadcasts.

Jim is a Finnish national commercial TV channel which started digitally on 26 February 2007, replacing Nelonen Plus. The launch of the channel was part of Nelonen Media's strategy to provide Finnish viewers with diverse and entertaining content. Jim is backed by Sanoma Media Finland, part of the Sanoma Group, which is responsible for the Finnish media operations.

Jim stands out from other TV channels by offering its viewers something completely different - entertainment without news. The channel focuses on diverse and entertaining programming that attracts a diverse audience. Jim is shown free of charge, making it easily accessible to all Finnish TV viewers.

In 2007, Jim's programming was mainly divided into six thematic areas: do-it-yourself, on the move, factual entertainment, documentaries, series and game shows. At that time, the channel aimed to offer a variety of content that would appeal to different groups of viewers and satisfy different entertainment needs. The programme line-up included inspiring do-it-yourself programmes, fascinating travel programmes, informative entertainment, documentaries, popular series and entertaining game shows.

Jim is constantly evolving and innovating to meet the changing needs and preferences of our viewers. Back when Kutonen was still The Voice, operating on channel 10, and YLE Teema was part of the TV channel spectrum, Jim managed to find its own unique place in the Finnish media world.

The Jim channel has shown that diversity in entertainment can be a successful concept. The wide and varied programming it offers has attracted viewers of all ages and backgrounds. Jim's popularity has grown over the years and it has established itself as the leading provider of Finnish television entertainment.

All in all, Jim has represented entertainment that breaks boundaries and offers its viewers something new and interesting. Its unique approach to television programming and uncompromising commitment to providing entertainment without news coverage has made it a major player in the Finnish television world. Jim continues his journey of providing Finnish viewers with entertainment and experiences that take them away from their everyday lives for a moment.

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